Proposed wind farm in Nova Scotia could become the province’s first project to sell electricity from renewable sources directly to customers

Mersey River Wind, a subsidiary of Roswall Development, is looking to put up 33 wind turbines south of Milton, Nova Scotia.

The proposed wind farm would generate roughly 148.5 megawatts of power.

According to the company, the project could produce enough energy to meet about 5% of the province’s electricity demand.

“We need to accelerate our emissions reductions and having an alternate pathway for homeowners and business owners, public services, to get to zero emissions will only assist us in reaching our common goals,” Roswall CEO, Dan Roscoe, describes the demand for the wind farm.

The proposed site for the wind farm was selected based on various criteria.

It’s in an area of the province with strong winds that have proximity to transmission lines with sufficient distance between the site and residences. The area also benefits from an existing road network because it was once home to historic timber operations.

Roswall filed its environmental assessment documents with the province at the beginning of February. The company hopes to start construction in 2023, with operations commencing next year. They intend to operate the wind farm for a minimum of 20 years.

In other good news for the community, Mersey River expects 100 jobs varying in duration to be created during the development and construction phases of the wind farm. Once operational, the wind farm would also require 12 full-time technicians.

After considering feedback from the public, the minister of environment will decide whether to approve the environmental assessment by late March.

If the project goes through, Nova Scotians can purchase renewable electricity directly from a provider other than Nova Scotia Power for the first time. That’s big!

The plan would be for Mersey River Wind to utilize Nova Scotia Power’s existing infrastructure and in return pay the utility company a fee.

Purchasing renewable electricity would be available to any Nova Scotia Power customer, including the province’s residential, commercial, and industrial clients. It won’t end here; the company is exploring opportunities for other projects throughout Nova Scotia.

We saved the best news for last…

The energy cost from the proposed wind farm is expected to be lower than Nova Scotia Power’s rates! When the electricity market gets shaken up, there are countless benefits, and lower utility bills is one of them.

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