Warning! Our invoicing solution will leave you with a ton of free time

I’ve been in the industry for years and have yet to meet an energy professional who enjoys performing administrative tasks.

I’m talking specifically about repetitive tasks that encumber workflow.

Even if their functions are essential, these administrative tasks often feel like a waste of time, especially when you have pressing tasks on your to-do list. Renewable energy invoicing definitely meets this criterion.

Are you still manually copying and pasting invoice data?

While invoicing is often an afterthought, it represents a sizable time, cost, and potential reputational risk for renewable energy companies. Every asset manager’s worst nightmare is realizing at the last moment that they made a mistake on a power purchase invoice — especially when there’s little time left to correct it.

Unfortunately, human errors are more likely to happen when work is repetitive and tedious. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Streamlining and improving the reliability of invoicing has never been easier. With PowerHub’s invoicing solution, asset managers can set a fixed, monthly billing cycle. Best of all, it’s entirely hands-free and requires nothing more than final approval from asset managers.

Let’s look at an example…

Once a fixed PPA billing schedule has been set, automated data collection could be enabled to prepare the invoice three days before the due date. This would allow plenty of time for the invoice to be reviewed before being sent off.

An error here and there isn’t a big deal, right?

Well, that depends… Is it your priority to retain and build strong relationships with clients? Because errors in renewable energy invoicing send the wrong message about the quality of an asset management team. You’re unlikely to get a positive review from the client afterward, that’s for sure!

Whether or not a client signed a long-term PPA agreement, fostering positive relations from the day, one is essential. And yes, reliable invoices do make a difference.

Adopting PowerHub’s invoicing software helps professionals focus on analyzing data and understanding numbers and their impact rather than worrying about an invoice’s design, format, and details. By enabling smoother workflows and eliminating busy work, our clients maximize profits and determine outstanding charges in seconds.

I can’t emphasize enough that software tools significantly impact worker productivity and need to be recognized as critical investments to the success of renewable energy projects.

Optimization is necessary for every aspect of a renewable energy portfolio. From the assets themselves to the back-end administrative work supporting the project, like invoicing. It all matters. The more streamlined you can make your processes, the better.

But what if I have assets on multiple continents?

Fun fact: PowerHub’s invoices can be processed in any currency for any billing type. There are no restrictions on the kinds of clients our software can handle, meaning new markets and opportunities are always a possibility.

Like all of our software, our invoicing solutions are designed to grow your business.

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