netzero world

Globally, who’s making the biggest strides towards net-zero or advances in renewable energy?

The world’s climate is changing, and many countries have made big strides toward reducing their carbon footprint.

PowerHub Webinar - DD480PX (480 × 267 px)

Webinar on how to become successful at renewable energy asset management

It’s no secret! Excel won’t help you excel in your asset management portfolio. As your energy portfolio grows, optimizing efficiency is critical. SCADA systems lack the usability tools, interface, and dashboard...


IEA report forecasts total capacity growth worldwide for renewables to nearly double in the next 5 years

The total capacity growth for renewables worldwide is set to nearly double in the next five years, effectively overtaking coal as the largest source of electricity generation.

floating turbine

How do floating wind turbines work?

Equinor’s Hywind Scotland, the first floating wind farm in the world, started delivering electricity to the Scottish grid in 2017.

But how do these massive structures float on water?

How do they contend with strong currents and stay in place during storms?