proposed wind farm

Proposed wind farm in Nova Scotia could become the province’s first project to sell electricity from renewable sources directly to customers

Mersey River Wind, a subsidiary of Roswall Development, is looking to put up 33 wind turbines south of Milton, Nova Scotia.

floating turbine

How do floating wind turbines work?

Equinor’s Hywind Scotland, the first floating wind farm in the world, started delivering electricity to the Scottish grid in 2017.

But how do these massive structures float on water?

How do they contend with strong currents and stay in place during storms?

Offshore Wind Farms in Japan

Japanese Offshore Wind Farm Auctions Have Begun

You can almost hear the gavel banging. The third-largest wind market in Asia has commenced its first-ever offshore wind farm auction this month. Off Goto, Nagasaki, this project is one of eleven areas identifie...

Canva - Photo of Wind Turbines Lot Edited

Empowering Crop Farms with Wind Power

A force of nature, wind power was always destined to do good. From generating electricity and lighting up our homes, to providing meaningful secondary revenue streams to empower dwindling crop farms. Farms that...