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Data Analysis Made Simple

Production Data Analysis Made Simple: Seeing the forest, not the trees

By using trees as an analogy for individual renewable energy assets, one can say that using software that allows you to see trees helps when managing a few assets. But seeing the entire forest paints a better picture of your portfolio of 4 or more assets.

ping pong team event

PowerHub spins into Tournament Mode: Team building at SPIN Toronto

Located just a walking distance from the office—SPIN, a Toronto-based rec-room-themed 12,000-sq.-ft. hangout with Ping-Pong tables, promised our team an exciting evening. We were greeted by warm hosts and a fun...

harnessing the power of waves to produce electricity

Latest water-based energy technology is poised to make waves in the power sector

Summary: The Waveline Magnet, developed by UK-based startup Sea Wave Energy Ltd. (SWEL), is a spine-like device that floats on top of the sea perpendicular to the shore to capture the kinetic energy of waves. ...

3-5 gigawatts of offshore wind developments in the next five years

California adopts the most ambitious offshore wind targets in the United States

Summary: The California Energy Commission (CEC) voted to pass targets involving the deployment of 3-5 gigawatts of offshore wind developments in the next five years and another 25 gigawatts by 2045. The commis...