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netzero world

Globally, who’s making the biggest strides towards net-zero or advances in renewable energy?

The world’s climate is changing, and many countries have made big strides toward reducing their carbon footprint.

PowerHub Webinar - DD480PX (480 × 267 px)

Webinar on how to become successful at renewable energy asset management

It’s no secret! Excel won’t help you excel in your asset management portfolio. As your energy portfolio grows, optimizing efficiency is critical. SCADA systems lack the usability tools, interface, and dashboard...

community solar

What is Community Solar, and who benefits from it?

Community solar is rapidly growing in North America. With ambitious green energy goals, both the US and Canada are interested in maximizing renewable energy uptake in residential communities. However, with man...

three key areas

The 3 key areas to focus on for renewable energy asset management success

It’s an exciting time to be in the renewable energy industry. Globally, we’re working towards reaching unprecedented milestones. Prices of fossil fuels are on the upswing, and countries are motivated, now more ...