Whether you have standard PPAs or the most complex power invoicing structures PowerHub can help. PowerHub has been helping companies invoice for over 8 years!

  • Community Solar, PPAs, Fixed Fees.
  • Demand charges, curtailment, nodal pricing.
  • Net settlement, Multi-meter and much more.

Ready to go templates

With our templated approach you can easily get started in a few clicks and re-use templates for similar projects.



Directly connect PowerHub to your systems and data so you don’t have to copy/paste.


Easy workflows

Auto approve invoices based on budgets, scenarios or other logic so you can focus on outliers.


Community solar invoicing

Vendors can manage all billing and invoicing from one centralized secure and high-performing dashboard.

DIVERSE TEAM of experts

In our mission to build and deliver best-in-class solutions that contribute to the global successful growth of renewable energy projects, we’ve recruited the best talent. Our team is made up of a diverse group of experts in their respective fields, and what’s more, they are very friendly!


Frequently Asked Questions on Invoicing

Do you have a question about our software or product offering? We’ve addressed some popular questions below. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us

What kind of invoices can I generate?

PowerHub has a library of invoices you can choose from, and better yet if it doesn’t yet exist you can create it.

Can you invoice in Euros?

PowerHub can invoice in any currency.

Can you calculate complex formulas?

PowerHub billing logic is simple & powerful allowing us to calculate amounts in even the most complicated billing regimes in the world.

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