Warning! Our invoicing solution will leave you with a ton of free time

I’ve been in the industry for years and have yet to meet an energy professional who enjoys performing administrative tasks.


Improve the quality of work while reducing quantity with PowerHub Invoicing

The benefits of PowerHub’s invoicing solution for renewable energy companies are multi-tiered. By enabling smoother workflows and eliminating busy work, companies can maximize profits and renewable energy growth by taking full advantage of their talented workforce. By embracing simple, convenient solutions, PowerHub amplifies organizations’ existing strengths while supporting operational excellence.


Time, Capital, and Human Error Savings for Renewables: All Wrapped Up in One Invoicing Solution

PowerHub’s powerful invoicing solution makes working with renewable assets easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. Through centralisation, automation, and other cost and time-saving measures, PowerHub delivers best-in-class results across the board for renewable invoicing.


Automate your renewable energy invoicing for better PPA management

Clean energy growth over the course of the past year has been, in a word, pretty wild. A whopping 23.7 gigawatts of clean energy was bought through power purchase agreements (PPA) in 2020. See? Wild.