Webinar on how to become successful at renewable energy asset management

It’s no secret!

Excel won’t help you excel in your asset management portfolio. As your energy portfolio grows, optimizing efficiency is critical.

SCADA systems lack the usability tools, interface, and dashboards that can help you optimize asset management. Successful renewable energy asset management includes tracking power outputs and conducting performance status analyses of large solar power, wind energy, and hydropower portfolios.

The first step is to collect and aggregate information about each of your assets in one place to get the most reliable data and insights out of your portfolio. Did you know asset management software can track your upcoming fees, property taxes and other payments to help you stay on track? You’ll never miss a deadline again.

Everyone gets busy in their roles, and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of everything, especially when juggling multiple projects for multiple sites with multiple stakeholders.

Tackling corporate amnesia is one of the reasons we built PowerHub. Maintaining strong communications practices can be challenging in hybrid work settings without centralizing data and building virtual workspaces to safeguard your sensitive information and assets.

Keeping proper records of your projects helps ensure your site is working at full capacity, but it’s even more important when something breaks down. Without proper records of maintenance, your warranty will likely be considered void. Get ready to say goodbye to unexpected costs!

Every stage of an energy project depends on many people, many tasks, and many key dates. Your project’s plan and its goals should reflect that.

You’re limiting yourself using Excel or another rigid system to lay out your project plan. The result is either having to constantly update your plan as things change or, worse, letting the plan get dated and inaccurate.

As you know, what worked in the past doesn’t always cut it today. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to renewable energy asset management. It’s a dynamic industry, with innovations always in the pipeline. Managing a diverse renewable energy portfolio requires software that can adapt to your needs.

Join Phil Obendorf (Chief Operations Officer ), Pete Tremblay P. Eng (Business Development Lead) and Joban Sidhu (Product Manager) at our upcoming Webinar to discuss the benefits and features available to asset managers who utilize sophisticated software, including:

  • Improving workflow
  • Automating invoicing
  • Eliminating human error
  • Centralizing data
  • Boosting security
  • Collaborating and delegating effectively
  • Preventing corporate amnesia and so much more.

Don’t miss the chance to take your asset management to the next level.

To register for the webinar, click HERE.

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