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Reflecting on RE+ 2023

As I settle back into the routine, I can’t help but reflect on the invigorating experience at REPlus23.

The energy, innovation, and camaraderie were palpable, solidifying my belief that we rise together in this journey towards a cleaner, greener world.

The PowerHub team at REPlus23. From Left to Right: Bryan, Phil and James (Image courtesy of James).
I (Phil) had the privilege of reconnecting with some esteemed industry colleagues from Canada (Selfie by yours truly).

I’ve also had a moment to gather my thoughts and truly appreciate the strides our industry is making:

IRA’s Impact: The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has profoundly influenced the renewable sector. Since its surprise signing into law in 2022, the IRA has directed an estimated $370 billion towards achieving 80% clean electricity and slashing climate pollution by 40% by 2030. Now, a year later, it has generated $278 billion in clean energy investments, creating 170,000 new jobs and disbursing $70 billion in funding.

Development & Investment: Despite 2022’s challenges, 2023 looks promising with a forecasted 40% surge in wind and solar PV markets. Such growth is fueled by tax incentives and the IRA, which ensures stability for renewable energy projects until 2032.

Local Manufacturing: The QCells plant addition significantly strengthens our supply chain. Their parent company, Hanwha, is laying robust foundations for sustainable solar expansion in North America. They’re also sourcing low-carbon products from Canadian Premium Sand (CPS), which is setting up an eco-friendly manufacturing facility in Manitoba.

Focus on Storage: Energy storage, from utility-scale to residential, is becoming pivotal in integrating diverse energy sources. With falling battery prices and technology advancement, energy storage is increasingly essential for various applications.

Connectivity Challenges: Despite ongoing connectivity issues, the Department of Energy and state officials are making concerted efforts to minimize its impact, championing grid systems research to ensure a more adaptable and secure future grid.

Community Solar: Community solar’s increasing significance is a nod to its potential in promoting efficiency and equity. Rapid growth since 2010 shows the administration’s goal of energizing 5 million American households through community solar by 2025 is attainable.

Charging Networks: Expanding the reach of charging networks nationwide ensures wider electric vehicle adoption. Global growth rates in public charger installations highlight the need for further development in this sector.

Final Thoughts

RE+ 2023 filled me with pride and optimism.

The atmosphere underscored our industry’s spirit: “we rise together”.

This unity, born out of our shared commitment to combat climate change, showcases our industry’s genuine strength. We aren’t merely businesses – we are global change agents.

Let’s harness this energy.

Together, we’ll break new ground, drive innovation, and champion sustainable solutions. This collective drive edges us closer to a brighter, cleaner future.

Here’s to the journey ahead, shaping an impactful legacy for generations!

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