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PowerHub announces new Net Metering Credit (NMC) and Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) features for renewable energy asset management.

February 15th, 2024 – PowerHub, a leader in renewable energy asset management software, is proud to unveil new features designed to improve the management of renewable energy portfolios significantly.

The new and enhanced features introduce advanced capabilities for invoicing and subscriber management tailored for Net Metering Credits (NMC) and Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs).

“This is another testament to our commitment to solving the unique challenges faced by asset managers in the renewable energy sector,” said Phil Obendorf, CEO of PowerHub. “With these added features, we aim to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for clients managing NMCs and VPPAs.”

Streamlining NMC Management
This enhanced invoicing feature consolidates invoices for multiple off-takers into a single document, simplifying the management process for NMCs. It enables the issuance of unified invoices, customization of credit distribution among off-takers, and effective payment tracking.

Capabilities include:

  • Customized Credit Distribution: Enables the precise allocation of project credits among off-takers, with detailed revenue and credit splits.
  • Centralized Information Hub: Facilitates easier data management with a single access point for off-taker contact details.
  • Consolidated Invoicing: Simplifies billing by merging invoices for various off-takers into one document, ideal for parent companies with multiple accounts.
  • Automation for Efficiency: Automated invoice generation and payment tracking improve operational productivity.

Enhanced VPPA Billing
This feature simplifies the complex process of financial agreements between renewable energy project developers and buyers. Focusing on fixed-for-floating swaps ensures seamless reconciliation of contracted and wholesale amounts, providing a hassle-free solution for corporations keen on investing in renewable energy projects.

Capabilities make managing the intricacies of agreements more straightforward, featuring:

  • Automated Financial Accuracy: Ensures billing accuracy and transparency through automated payment calculations.
  • Consolidated Invoices: Enables efficient management by organizing invoices by project portfolio, enhancing financial management.
  • Flexible Rate Structure: Offers adaptable rate structures to match various pricing models, meeting the needs of different off-taker agreements.
  • Increased Productivity: Automates invoicing and payment monitoring, along with facilitating accounting processes through direct data export.

With these latest features, PowerHub reaffirms its dedication to delivering innovative solutions that directly address the unique challenges faced by its clients. By enhancing the management of NMCs and VPPAs, PowerHub simplifies complex processes and empowers clients to scale their operations and maximize the efficiency and profitability of their renewable energy portfolios.

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About PowerHub
PowerHub is a leading Toronto-based asset management software platform built for the Renewable Energy Industry. For over 11 years, the company’s mission has been and still is, to develop and deliver best-in-class solutions that contribute to the successful growth of renewable energy projects globally.

PowerHub was acquired by BayWa r.e. a leading global renewable energy developer, service provider, distributor and energy solutions provider, actively shaping the future of energy.

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