Time, Capital, and Human Error Savings for Renewables: All Wrapped Up in One Invoicing Solution

PowerHub’s powerful invoicing solution makes working with renewable assets easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. Through centralisation, automation, and other cost and time-saving measures, PowerHub delivers best-in-class results across the board for renewable invoicing.

While invoicing is often an afterthought, it represents a sizable time, cost, and potential reputational risk for renewable energy companies. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Streamlining and improving the reliability of invoicing is quite straightforward – as it’s all wrapped up in PowerHub’s powerfully simple invoicing solution.

A wide variety of ready-to-go templates, direct connection to various data sources, and the ability to auto-approve invoices based on budgets and other situational contexts means PowerHub can deliver top-notch results for renewables while keeping multi-platform complexity and inefficiency to a minimum.

There’s no need to specially design invoices when a plethora of professional-grade templates exist. All it takes is a few clicks to create new or reuse old invoices – no matter the type needed. Be it a complicated power purchase agreements (PPAs) or a simple fixed-rate, demand charge, curtailment, or nodal pricing invoices, PowerHub’s tools have everything ready to go right from the start. Not only will investors take notice of faster issuance of invoices, but your team will benefit from easier day-to-day workflows. Plus, PowerHub invoicing can handle any currency, ensuring exchange rates prove unproblematic regardless of the geography of a transaction.

Data entry is yet another area where PowerHub’s invoicing solution offers a competitive advantage for renewables. Rather than manually copying and pasting (a dreadful undertaking), PowerHub can be directly integrated with existing systems and data. Centralisation improves communication flows, lowers processing costs and increases accuracy all while maintaining professional industry standards. And did we mention that getting invoices out sooner reduces the cash cycle equally?

Efficiency-related savings can be so substantial with PowerHub’s invoicing tool that businesses may even be able to defer hiring. With renewable energy professionals able to process and analyse invoices far more rapidly – and effectively – fewer overall labour hours are needed. PowerHub’s invoicing software emphasises quality, not the quantity of work.

Invoice processing is typically time-consuming and tedious. Additionally, the monotony of this typically manual task understandably leads to unforeseen issues or errors. But invoicing doesn’t have to be (nor should it be) a painful or problematic process. With the assistance of PowerHub’s invoicing solution, businesses can eliminate wasted time developing invoice-related content, freeing up time for more impactful work.

The real strength underpinning PowerHub’s invoicing solution is its ability to eliminate avoidable complications that get in the way. By streamlining and centralising operations, PowerHub enables businesses (of any size) to leverage improved productivity and efficiency to expand their bottom line and further drive market growth in renewables and other clean technologies.

Ultimately, PowerHub is designed to tackle elementary and manageable (yet still impactful) issues – hence the emphasis on simple solutions. There’s no need to increase the complexity (and cost) of renewable invoicing and management with multiple software tools – certainly not when PowerHub’s flexible invoicing solution addresses common issues inclusively and cost-effectively.

Achieving the greatest efficiency possible among the world’s renewable energy assets is key to tackle climate change by growing renewables. And PowerHub’s best-in-class invoicing solution is uniquely positioned to help.

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