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PowerHub 2023 in Review – Innovation, Impact and Adventures

Join us as we reflect on the transformative 2023 highlights of PowerHub’s dynamic year.

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5 Self-Love Holiday Gifts for the Asset Manager in you!

This article presents a unique gift guide exclusively for asset managers.
It includes hand-crafted items and stylish accessories that blend luxury with sustainability. Meet Helio, the solar-powered toy car, a must-have for on-the-go professionals. Sip inspiration with our renewable energy mug, which is perfect for your morning coffee. Celebrate your success and fuel your future with these thoughtfully selected holiday gems!

Deep Dive:
As the holiday season approaches, it’s crucial not to overlook the significance of self-love.

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Working at PowerHub just got Even Cooler!

Tina Markovski, Manager, People & Culture at PowerHub, shares insights on PowerHub’s new remote work program.


This blog highlights PowerHub’s innovative short-term remote work option, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world for months. The initiative aims to enhance flexibility and productivity, encouraging employees to embrace diverse experiences and return with fresh perspectives, thereby strengthening the company’s culture of trust and connection.

Deep Dive:

Have you ever dreamt of turning your workspace into a beachside haven? Or enjoying the tranquillity of a cottage by the lake?

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PowerHub Introduces Short-Term Remote Work Option for Employees

It allows all current and future company employees to apply for fully remote work requests. PowerHub, a leading renewable energy asset management software platform, announces a policy update for all corporate ...