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102 megawatt wind energy project proposed for Nova Scotia — could be largest in the province

In a move that will significantly expand Nova Scotia’s renewable energy production, Natural Forces, a Halifax-born company, has submitted plans to the province’s Department of Environment to build up to 28 new ...


The role of PPAs in Corporate Sustainability and ESG

In today’s hyper-globalized economy, corporations have an unrivalled influence on consumer preferences and policy development. This gives them an outsized impact on prevalent global issues, such as clima...

New Proposal to Slash Solar Incentives is Misguided

Why California’s New Proposal to Slash Solar Incentives is Misguided

There are few things that the great state of California is known for better than its heavyweight environmental reputation. It’s well earned, with the state boasting by far the most developed solar market in th...

Placating NIMBYism

Placating NIMBYism to Support Renewable Energy Growth

As the renewable energy revolution grows, NIMBYism — where local residents resist the development of some kind in their ‘neighbourhood’ — has increasingly become a threat. There are numerous reasons for this. Chief among them is that renewable energy production is decentralized.