Keeping up with PowerHub

press release

PowerHub announces the release of a new version of its software, and the launch of its new website

Powerhub’s latest version is built to drive workflows and automation, and the new website features a refreshed look for a more impactful experience. PowerHub, a Toronto-based company that builds asset manageme...

use fights climate change

How software can help fight climate change and boost renewable energy efficiency

It’s now widely recognized by governments, private markets, think tanks, and consumers that renewable energy and sustainable technologies represent the future of the global economy.


SaaS is helping drive record-breaking renewable energy growth

Year after year, wind, solar, and other sustainable technologies shatter investment and installation records, demonstrating the recognized urgency – and profit-making ability – that the climate crisis provides.


Let’s discuss this new wind turbine Honeymooring™ solution that’s backed by a French oil giant

French oil giant, Total Energies, announced that it’s partnering with Semar, a Norwegian engineering and marine consultancy company, to further develop and improve an innovative “Honeymooring™” solution for floating wind projects.