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IEA report forecasts total capacity growth worldwide for renewables to nearly double in the next 5 years

The total capacity growth for renewables worldwide is set to nearly double in the next five years, effectively overtaking coal as the largest source of electricity generation.

floating turbine

How do floating wind turbines work?

Equinor’s Hywind Scotland, the first floating wind farm in the world, started delivering electricity to the Scottish grid in 2017.

But how do these massive structures float on water?

How do they contend with strong currents and stay in place during storms?

Group shot

2022 was a year of many firsts and majors at PowerHub

To express appreciation for all the hard work our team put in this year, we wanted to do something extra special. Concluding our food drive Our day started with the most fulfilling activity, giving back to our ...

top four costly mistakes asset management software

The top four costly mistakes asset management software can help you prevent

We’ve all been there at some point in our careers, witnessing an error that led to major financial consequences.