Working at PowerHub just got Even Cooler!

Tina Markovski, Manager, People & Culture at PowerHub, shares insights on PowerHub’s new remote work program.


This blog highlights PowerHub’s innovative short-term remote work option, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world for months. The initiative aims to enhance flexibility and productivity, encouraging employees to embrace diverse experiences and return with fresh perspectives, thereby strengthening the company’s culture of trust and connection.

Deep Dive:

Have you ever dreamt of turning your workspace into a beachside haven? Or enjoying the tranquillity of a cottage by the lake?

With PowerHub’s new short-term remote work option, these dreams can soon be a reality!

Amid other companies hailing employees back into the office, PowerHub has remained true to its mission to provide a flexible work environment.

Working remotely for most of the week is here to stay at PowerHub, but this short-term remote work option is something different altogether, even better.

Through this initiative, eligible employees can work remotely from anywhere in the world for months at a time!

Whether it’s reconnecting with loved ones, exploring new scenery, or simply changing pace, PowerHub values the importance of these moments.

Our short-term remote work option is designed to provide flexibility without compromising productivity.

How does it work?

The proposed remote work location should have:

  • A reliable high-speed internet connection
  • A functional camera for meetings
  • And a comfortable, distraction-free workspace

The rest is up to you!

PowerHub believes that short-term remote work isn’t just about changing your location.

It’s about embracing the diverse experiences that life has to offer. By introducing this option, we aim to strengthen our culture of trust and connection, ensuring that distance doesn’t hinder collaboration.

If you’ve ever imagined working under swaying palm trees or nestled in a mountain cabin, now is your chance!

We encourage our team to explore, recharge, and return with fresh perspectives, knowing that PowerHub supports their journey every step of the way.

This incredible opportunity for short-term remote work is a chance to tailor your work environment to your unique needs and aspirations.

Imagine the productivity surge that comes from working in a space that fuels your creativity and well-being. Whether you find inspiration in the soothing sounds of nature or the bustling energy of a city, this is your chance to curate a workspace that aligns with your best self.

At PowerHub, we believe the future of work is not confined to office walls – it’s wherever you find inspiration.

Ready to embark on your remote work adventure?

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