net zero target

Spain Joins the Ranks for Net Zero Targets

The pandemic, the economy, and the state of the planet seem to have shaken up Spanish authorities. While the nation has always been passionate about clean energy, the new draft climate law takes its net zero ta...

successful wind power asset management checklist

The Smart Wind Power Asset Management Checklist

Smart wind power asset management is an art, and a science. It involves as much play with numbers, as it does fostering relationships. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Which is why, we’re passionate about mak...

offshore wind projects

Opening Scottish Waters to New Offshore Wind Projects

Scotland just became home to a new offshore wind project after a decade of no activity along its shoreline. Crown Estate Scotland, the entity that manages the seabed, announced the project would have an investm...

wind asset management services

The Successful Wind Asset Management Services Playbook

Effective asset management has become a buzz word in wind. We talk about it a lot. We peer at it from various lenses. And we pick at it from dawn to dusk. We get it. As renewable energy developers, managers, an...