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Fostering Innovation: A Glimpse into PowerHub’s Think-Tank Session

At PowerHub, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life.

renewable energy innovations

Pakistan And Denmark Join Hands for Renewable Energy Innovations

Collaboration between Pakistan and the thriving Danish energy sector is one of the most recent developments bolstering the Pakistani renewable energy innovations agenda. This joint venture aims to build up logi...

Solar PV Asset Management

Practices & Perspectives for Modern Solar PV Asset Management

Modern solar PV asset management is a mix of various trends that have emerged with the maturation of clean energy. As we moved past the notion, ‘solar power is a fad’, we gave way to an industry that has tremen...

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Renewable Energy Investment and Innovation – How Close Are We to a Clean Powered World?

With the clean power sector entering the maturity stage, renewable energy investments and innovations have become interesting topics. As we read news after news about the plummeting cost of solar and wind proje...