PowerHub hosts a series of in-person training sessions for its Jordanian clients in downtown Toronto

It was a pleasure to host a few of our longtime clients from Jordan last week at our Toronto office.

In June this year, we had the opportunity to travel to Jordan for a series of meetings with all our Jordanian customers, including Mass Group Holding.

Patrick Schönemann, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Global Services, joined me in Jordan to meet with members of National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), who, because of Covid-related travel restrictions, we had not been able to connect with in person for 2+ years.

PowerHub Product Manager Joban Sidhu visited Jordanian customers in June 2022.

During our meeting, we agreed to have in-person training in Canada later in the year, and with so many exciting projects underway, time flew by, and it was their turn to visit!

The in-person training sessions in Toronto allowed us to see how our Jordanian clients were currently using PowerHub’s Invoicing solution and which features require enhancements that would allow further platform adoption. Shadowing the end user as they navigated through the platform gave us some great insights into the usage of the platform and an opportunity to propose some best practices around invoicing.

Overall, the in-person sessions gave us great feedback directly from the end user.

Mass Group Holding had been primarily using our software for their Invoicing needs, so we took the opportunity to showcase the Performance Analytics and Compliance tracking solutions available to them.

This was done as part of the larger meeting where upcoming feature rollouts and enhancements were presented as part of PowerHub’s strategy for 2023 and beyond.

“During the training, we could discuss the intricate details of the billing system alongside our grid operator, NEPCO, as well as other variables and technical-financial perspectives. We happily express the main objectives of our visit were successfully achieved. All parties are now more familiar with the system and look forward to using it to its full potential.” -Mohammad Qtatsheh, Site Engineer, Mass Group Holding.

In addition to training, the visit afforded us the chance to continue fostering our relationship with NEPCO.

Over the last six years, we have maintained a strong relationship with NEPCO as we support them in their management of around 20%of the grid they operate in the Jordanian market.

NEPCO, as a key player in the Jordanian electricity market, is an important stakeholder for PowerHub, and we hope to continue to build on this relationship in the coming years.

These in-person sessions are invaluable for successful client management and relationship building. For PowerHub, it’s not just about selling a product; it’s about growing with our customers and other key stakeholders.

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