July Town Hall: Celebrating Growth and Milestones at PowerHub!

During its July Town Hall, the team at PowerHub gathered both virtually and in-person to commemorate achievements, recognize milestones, and welcome new opportunities.

The atmosphere was charged with positivity and enthusiasm, following the announcement of a significant leadership change and exciting plans for the future.

The highlight of the event was the much-anticipated announcement of Phil Obendorf’s promotion from COO to CEO of PowerHub.

The room and virtual space erupted with applause and cheers as Tobias Bittkau, Baywa r.e. Global Director of Services and a Member of the PowerHub board, officially introduced Phil as the new CEO.

With a proven track record of dedication, innovation, and empathetic leadership, Phil’s promotion was well-deserved. The team eagerly anticipates the new heights to which he will guide PowerHub.

The July Town Hall was also a time to celebrate the accomplishments of many PowerHub team members.

Birthdays and work anniversaries were recognized with heartfelt appreciation, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within the organization. This sense of togetherness is what makes PowerHub more than just a workplace; it’s a family.

Much buzz surrounded the upcoming additions to the PowerHub team.

The promise of new talent joining the ranks brought a wave of enthusiasm, as candidates were carefully chosen for their skill, experience, and alignment with PowerHub’s vision.

The team couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of working with such strong and dedicated individuals.

In addition to celebrating achievements and growth, the Town Hall set the stage for some exciting events on the horizon.

Team members are eagerly awaiting in-person DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training, demonstrating PowerHub’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

This training promises to empower the team with a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the power of diversity. Additionally, excitement is building for the end-of-the-month team-building event as August approaches.

Town Halls have always been a cornerstone of PowerHub’s culture, fostering transparency, open communication, and unity.

This July’s gathering was no exception, serving as a forum for everyone to align their efforts, discuss the current status of clients, and chart the course for future prospects.

PowerHub’s July Town Hall was not only a celebration of growth but also an acknowledgment of achievements and a demonstration of unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a new CEO at the helm, an expanding team, and exciting events on the horizon, the future looks bright for PowerHub.

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