Feeling the effects of Corporate Amnesia? Renewable Energy Asset Management Software to the Rescue.

You’ve probably noticed working remotely is here to stay.

For many companies, remote hiring has been a major triumph in acquiring top-tier talent.

While the trend is opening up new avenues to better your workforce, it comes with growing pains as employers adjust to evolving dynamics between themselves and remote workers. Blurring the traditional 9 to 5, more time spent out of the office, and more work done via mobile devices has driven a modern twist to an old problem: corporate amnesia.

Corporate amnesia refers to the time lost searching for information needed to complete work and documentation, which may have been lost when knowledgeable staff moved on from the role.

While it’s likely that concerns for preserving knowledge, data, and content typically accompany the departure of employees, it’s time to consider how remote styles of collaboration can also impact efficiency.

Tackling corporate amnesia is one of the reasons we built PowerHub. Maintaining strong communications practices can be challenging in hybrid work settings without centralizing data and building virtual workspaces to safeguard your sensitive information and assets.

How can you be sure various assets are safe as generations of your workforce come and go?

How can you be sure your sensitive data is stored in a safe place that allows for collaboration?

With the right tools in place during transition, you can prevent losses in productivity and engagement and save yourself the pain of hours lost hunting for the information you’ve lost track of and now need with pressing urgency.

Renewable energy asset management platforms like PowerHub centralize institutional knowledge and facilitate greater labor mobility to drive down costs, especially as you add a more mobile workforce to that equation. We’re a bit biased, but given the costs in time and money, we think an asset management platform should be as vital to you as your favorite O&M manager.

Make onboarding a breeze.

Your ability to make information accessible means new additions to the team are more productive from day one. Using an asset manager as your hub for vital information allows your team to work from a single playbook, regardless of location. Documents are uploaded and readily available to share, and communications and tasks from previous team members are easily re-assigned when someone new is ready to take on the role.

While change can be daunting, innovation goes a long way to ensure your business remains adaptable and competitive.

In an era where transition and collaboration take on an increasingly virtual character, looking toward limiting the impacts of corporate amnesia will make your team more efficient and effective.

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