texas grid

Unbelievable! How solar power saved Texas from a catastrophic meltdown amidst scorching heat wave!

Presently, Texas, akin to Toronto, is in the throes of an intense heat wave.


BayWa r.e. AG starts the construction of Europe’s biggest photovoltaic installation above fruits (Fruitvoltaics project) in the Netherlands.

BayWa has commenced the construction of an impressive Fruitvoltaics project in the Netherlands, in collaboration with its Dutch subsidiary, GroenLeven.


Why are wind and solar power generators waiting years to get grid connection approvals?

To connect a new power source to the U.S. grid, energy generators must complete a lengthy application process through their regional utility or transmission authority. This bureaucratic process, called the interconnection queue, can take years.


Biden administration announced the first-ever lease sale for offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico

The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) has announced a proposed offshore wind lease sale for three areas in the Gulf of Mexico, off the shores of Texas and Louisiana. The Interior Department will open over ...