us grid

Historic $1.3 Billion Investment in U.S. Grid Expansion Announced by Department of Energy

Cochise, Arizona – In a groundbreaking move, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has unveiled a commitment of up to $1.3 billion for the development of three transmission lines spanning six states.

Industry Leaders Urged to Prepare for the Rapid Upscaling of Renewable Energy

Surge in Solar Panel Exports Signals a Booming Renewable Energy Market

Summary The dramatic increase in solar panel exports highlights the urgent need for asset managers to implement software solutions to manage the impending boom in renewable energy. Deep Dive Industry leaders ar...

red sea project

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Project: A solar breakthrough empowered by 750,000 panels and a game-changing battery

Summary Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Project has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the installation of 750,000 solar panels, marking a significant step towards creating an environmentally friendly touris...

texas grid

Unbelievable! How solar power saved Texas from a catastrophic meltdown amidst scorching heat wave!

Presently, Texas, akin to Toronto, is in the throes of an intense heat wave.