Consolidated invoicing for Net Metering Credits (NMC)

This feature supports the consolidation of invoices for multiple off-takers, enabling asset managers to customize the distribution of project credits efficiently. Automation and a centralized information hub ensure easy access to off-taker information and streamlined invoice management.

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PowerHub recently launched a new feature: consolidated invoicing for Net Metering Credits (NMC).

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Super Bowl LVIII: How this year’s game is changing the future of sports forever!

Excerpt: Super Bowl LVIII is set to make history by being the first NFL event hosted at a stadium powered 100% by renewable energy. This landmark event at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium underscores signific...

community solar billing

Overcoming challenges in Community Solar Invoicing

PowerHub’s solution addresses the complex challenges of managing community solar projects by automating invoicing and streamlining subscriber management. It enhances accuracy, efficiency, and the overall user experience, making renewable energy projects more accessible and manageable. By offering robust analytics and a centralized management platform, PowerHub’s tool facilitates informed decision-making and promotes the scalability and success of community solar initiatives.

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Community solar represents a significant advancement in renewable energy, allowing individuals and businesses to participate in shared solar energy projects.

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Highlights from the RE+ Community Energy Conference 2024

James Mastin, Business Development; and Bryan Asa, Sales Manager at PowerHub share insights after attending RE+ Community Energy Conference 2024. Excerpt: The RE+ Community Energy Conference highlighted the si...