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Renewable Energy Document Management

What’s worse than having to tell an auditor, your boss or your client that for some reason (hungry children, dog, aliens) the vital piece of evidence required to clinch full registration or re-certification is not currently available? Let’s talk about document management for renewable energy, and how adhering to a few basic guidelines can help you out long-term.


“It was there in its folder, where it’s supposed to be, last week as you were told to get ready for the audit, wasn’t it?”


Now, no matter how hard you look, the darned thing eludes you.  Things were looking good with the audit, only a couple of observations and a minor non-compliance. Collectively nothing to stop the registration or re-certification process going ahead. Now, One of the few bits of paper that, in their absence, will constitute a major non-compliance and send you back to the beginning of the registration or re-certification process. Weeks, months of time lost, doomed to be repeated to complete the process.


“Is anything else at risk, was there funding tied to this, are we in default of an obligation? Do we have to shut part of the operation down?”


Best Case  there will only be a bare patch on the wall of the foyer for a few months. Or perhaps the sales presentation that your GM is showing to all across the globe now has a great big lie in it, one slide only for sure. But will some keen eyed individual will pick up on it? An investor, potential client? The GM better have an answer for sure, but who’s going to tell him? The “um I need to bring you up to speed on an issue” email is never a favorite for anyone to push send on.


This day and age, having certain certificates and or registrations is not just a requirement for doing business, it is also a requirement for bidding on new business. With more and more business activities taking the just in time (JIT) approach, a delay in a registration can cost a lot more than just the cost of bringing the auditor back for another audit.

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