harnessing the power of waves to produce electricity

Latest water-based energy technology is poised to make waves in the power sector

Summary: The Waveline Magnet, developed by UK-based startup Sea Wave Energy Ltd. (SWEL), is a spine-like device that floats on top of the sea perpendicular to the shore to capture the kinetic energy of waves. ...

3-5 gigawatts of offshore wind developments in the next five years

California adopts the most ambitious offshore wind targets in the United States

Summary: The California Energy Commission (CEC) voted to pass targets involving the deployment of 3-5 gigawatts of offshore wind developments in the next five years and another 25 gigawatts by 2045. The commis...


New senate spending package is a big win for the fight against climate change, boost for renewables growth


  • The new senate spending package will dedicate $369bn to combat the climate crisis over the next decade.
  • There are numerous initiatives the public can access directly, including substantial tax credits for solar energy installations and new electric vehicle purchases.
  • Along with positive environmental impacts, the bill is expected to facilitate major industry advancements over the next ten years.

Full Story:

In an unexpected and ground-breaking alliance between senior U.S. Democratic leadership and Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a new climate spending package dedicates $369bn to fight the climate crises over the next decade.


Let’s discuss this new wind turbine Honeymooring™ solution that’s backed by a French oil giant

French oil giant, Total Energies, announced that it’s partnering with Semar, a Norwegian engineering and marine consultancy company, to further develop and improve an innovative “Honeymooring™” solution for floating wind projects.