community solar

What is Community Solar, and who benefits from it?

Community solar is rapidly growing in North America. With ambitious green energy goals, both the US and Canada are interested in maximizing renewable energy uptake in residential communities. However, with man...


Being unprepared for your compliance obligations exposes your business to risk and fines—how PowerHub can help!

How do you navigate the myriad of compliance requirements that come with asset management in renewables?


Improve the quality of work while reducing quantity with PowerHub Invoicing

The benefits of PowerHub’s invoicing solution for renewable energy companies are multi-tiered. By enabling smoother workflows and eliminating busy work, companies can maximize profits and renewable energy growth by taking full advantage of their talented workforce. By embracing simple, convenient solutions, PowerHub amplifies organizations’ existing strengths while supporting operational excellence.

Wind Asset Management KPIs

Is My Wind Project Meeting Targets? Top Wind Asset Management KPIs You Should Monitor

When we talk about renewable energy assets, the one thing we discuss nonstop is performance, performance, performance. Consider it our mantra. For a wind farm asset manager who devotes all his awake hours (I...