renewable asset management software adoption

5 Steps to Ensure Your Renewable Asset Management Software Adoption Is Successful

You’ve had renewable asset management software adoption on your mind for a while now. You’re convinced it is the way forward for your AM teams to realize optimal asset value. And as you peer around your kingdom, a.k.a. the project management realm, you feel motivated to give it a real shot.

We couldn’t agree more.

While we’re fast tracking in the 21st century, a time and place where nothing is done without technology – shout out to your Google Homes and Alexas– when it comes to software implementation, you may feel your company is taking a very rudimentary approach.

While your teams may be happily updating data in enormous excel sheets, actually automating these mundane tasks seems like work.

We want to help. Let’s debunk this thinking and bring software adoption out of the change management shadows.

5 Steps to Stress-less Renewable Asset Management Software Adoption

Organize Data and Information

The first step in organizing your data is a thorough assessment. What information do you have? Where is it stored? When was it collected? Getting your act together at this stage is crucial. Why? Because without fail the biggest delay in implementing new software is collecting and organizing all the data and information available.

As a project manager pitching this change, you really want to get it right. Right? Well, we suggest you start with a birds-eye analysis of your data and information. Where do managers store information, where is their data coming from, and how is it being used?

There’s a definite lack of standardization and consistency in our industry. So, spend some time rummaging through your project files to understand how your company is organizing data, and how well it ranks on consistency. Flagging such problem areas is the best way to start a renewable asset management software adoption strategy.

On the PowerHub blog, we constantly assert that efficient and optimized asset management begins with good data. A quick read can help begin this journey.

Communicate the Why!

There is nothing a team hates more than adopting new software by royal decree. Especially if you haven’t communicated the why. Teams that understand the why are much quicker at adopting new software. Moreover, they often provide incredible insights into how to get even more value out of the implementation.

Timely and friendly communication of the reasons and your intent can change the mandate of green energy software adoption, and lower hesitation levels of your teams.

There’s really no reason to keep the software adoption plan, and your intention for company-wide digital transformation, a secret. Being open and looping in your asset management teams early on can really help them see that those talking about change are not enemies at all.

More importantly, it will help the technology laggards see asset management platforms in a different light. May we suggest organizing a town hall and a couple of lunch & learns to give everyone an interactive platform for two-way communication.

Use these occasions to introduce your intentions, explain why you believe in a digital software, and the key efficiencies they will realize with everyday asset management activities.

Promote the Software Internally

There are two types of customers: the external ones and the internal ones. Well, now’s the time to focus on the latter. When beginning software adoption for renewable asset management, think of your teams as customers. How will you approach them? What will you say about this ‘product’?

A formal internal marketing plan is key here. Lay down a strategy, a tone, and a message. Now back it up with rationale and evidence. Oh, and be creative! If this customer subset has a taste for memes and quizzes (think Buzzfeed) incorporate them in your marketing plan to up engagement levels.

Moreover, the language you use internally will dictate how well your team accepts and adopts this software. For instance, if you tell them it’s a ‘game changer’, it’ll likely backfire and cue them to have their guards up. Instead, if you simply market it as ‘a means to make their jobs easier’, they may be willing to hear you out!

Acknowledge Internal Champions

Different people respond to technology differently. There’s nothing wrong with it, and frankly, there’s nothing you can do about it. Except, catering your renewable asset management software adoption strategy around these sentiments.

Therefore, you will always have those enthusiasts and early adopters in your team who jump on board quite early in the process. These are your internal champions. These are the people who will support your dream. You want to hang on to them. Cultivate them, and put their enthusiasm to use to show the rest of the teams that software adoption can in fact be to their advantage.

Encourage these internal ambassadors to use the renewable asset management software for everyday tasks. And then communicate the resulting efficiencies to their colleagues. Was that 85% billing efficiency just a rumor or did it actually happen? Let’s find out, shall we?

Nurture & Engage Them with Feedback

There’s nothing more worrisome for a person calling for change than a room full of quiet people. The silence can be deafening. Now that you’ve found the people supporting you, you’ve communicated your intent, you’ve put the effort in promoting and organizing data – you need feedback.

Getting feedback from the audience shows you care. It helps them voice concerns, and helps you understand the curveballs on the change management path ahead.

Our advice: Be patient. Hear them out. Speak to their concerns. And prepare them for the upcoming change. It is after all, inevitable.