March 23, 2020

Solar Energy ROIs – Upwards and Onwards

by PowerHub Editor

Renewable energy asset management’s complex nature stems partly from the sheer number of stakeholders involved in a single project. With multiple parties deciding on, contributing to, or handing off the large scale set up, it’s no surprise that getting everyone on the same page is often an exercise on its own.

Today, however; politicians, investors and corporations are all united on the prospect of initiating mega solar power projects around the world. Why, you ask? Well, let’s be honest; there are very few incentives that unite these concerns in a tight circle – lucrative solar energy ROIs taking top spot.

According to Steve Comello, Director of Energy Business Innovations at Stanford Graduate School of Business, the cost of solar PV, designed for mass utility, has dropped by approximately 400% in the last five years.

Compounding this effect is a robust increase in renewable energy stock prices and trillions of dollars worth of capital investment in this space. Brookfield Renewable Partners, one of the largest investors in renewable energy out there, predicts as much as $10 trillion being injected into such projects globally in the next few years.

Impressive, eh? And the result? Big bucks, high solar energy ROIs and even bigger renewable investments that reduce costs even further. I mean check this out: according to CleanTechnica, 1 watt of solar power will cost merely $1 during 2020 – only to go down further to $0.5 by 2030.

Now that’s a small price to pay for clean energy, especially when you think of all the good vibes from playing your part to clean up the environment…

Not a bad deal we’d say. Go Solar!

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