March 27, 2019

From the field to the desktop and back: How integration between Asset Management and field apps can make you more productive.

by PowerHub Editor

Let’s be honest, you have ton of data, and reams of information about your sites, but it’s scattered, and you rarely have all the information you need in one place …

Picture this: you’re visiting a site and you wonder what inverter brand and model you have. Or what was the name of the neighbour.  You know it’s tracked somewhere, but where?  Can you find it fast?  And how do you know that the records you do find are the latest?

Meanwhile, your colleague is sitting back at the office wondering when he’ll get your site visit notes, and whether or not there’s potential to expand the site. And you wonder where you left your notebook with your observations that you needed to send in… all making coordination and reporting more complicated and time consuming than it needs to be.

Or worst yet, you have an agreement you want to sign… you are missing some legal entity name from the landlord you just met, and want to have those notes in the field with you, but need to send details so that someone at the office can follow-up with paperwork easily.

What’s the code on the keypad? Where’s the access to the roof? What’s the name and number of the Super? What if it changes? Are you starting to get that anxious feeling that comes with not knowing how you’ll get it all done in the time you have?

This is where integrating solutions like Scoop and PowerHub can be incredibly powerful.

PowerHub, with its suite of tools tailored to developers, owners and asset managers, and Scoop, a leading solution for the field work management and automation, can tailor a solution for your unique business and get you off and to the races in no time.

That way, you can digitalize 100% of your workforce, and not just the team in the office, creating transparency, and ensuring that everyone has access to what they need, when they need it.
Centralizing data and information better means losing less time, and gaining more insights.

We have seen productivity gains of over 60% on reporting alone!

Contact us today to see how a PowerHub + Scoop solution can help you digitalize your business and win.

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