September 10, 2020

Carbon Neutral – A Fad or A Step Closer to Majority Renewables?

by PowerHub Editor

It’s nothing short of a buzz word. You’ll hear it chanted in climate change rallies. And you’ve probably seen it pasted proudly on company websites. Carbon neutral is happening. But is it a fad or a truly monumental change for our world?

By definition, being carbon neutral is a state. A position, where companies are balancing emissions from their processes by funding ‘carbon savings’ in other ways. Hence, today, nations, cities, organizations, and utility companies are pledging to become carbon neutral with some form of contribution to green sources.

While it’s a great initiative, there’s been plenty of speculation around its possibility, and whether or not it will slow down climate change.  

Case in Point: Apple’s 2030 Carbon Neutral Pledge

You must have seen #NetZeroiPhones trending on social media the past few days. It made headlines as Apple announced its carbon neutrality pledge. The tech giant has vowed to have a net zero impact on the climate by 2030.

Beginning in 2018, Apple has since powered its own corporate facilities on 100% renewables. This achievement was a result of signing various virtual power purchase agreements, and making equity investments in green power.

After this move, Apple is now extending the same principles to include its global supply chain as well. However, neutralizing 76% of its carbon footprint from manufacturing will be no small feat. But definitely one that proves being neutral is beneficial for the climate. It will set an example for others to follow, and massive potential for the renewable energy industry.

How Can You Contribute?

There’s a ton of ways to do your part in achieving a carbon-neutral environment. From something as simple as planting a tree or taking part in a community social project, to financially offsetting your carbon footprint – it’s a goal that we can all work towards.

At PowerHub, as our operations expanded from a #LoveforLocal perspective to a global landscape, we issued a #CarbonOffsetChallenge to the renewable energy industry. We want to #ComeClean, contribute to the deployment of clean power, and most of all, help save our planet.

Check out the Carbon Footprint initiative for some interesting details.

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