As a solar and wind farm asset manager, you have a high-powered job. Apart from overseeing various projects, you’re charged with an important element of successful renewable energy management, i.e. aligning the interests and objectives of various stakeholders and teams.

Therefore, what makes solar and wind farm asset managers’ jobs so crucial is the overarching goal of mitigating risks. With all the duties on your list, you have to ensure that projects and portfolios are managed proactively. They’re in good health to withstand unavoidable setbacks, and eventually fuel profitable bottom lines.

We’d say that’s a lot on your plate, and a long day of managin’ ahead. As your partners in this mission to make renewable asset management a dedicated and coordinated discipline, we want to lend a helping hand.

Behold. The ultimate, handy checklist to take you breezing through your asset management tasks.

P.s: There’s something super satisfying about humming ‘check, check & check.’ Try at your own risk…

solar and wind farm asset managers' roles and responsibilities.

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