2022 was a year of many firsts and majors at PowerHub

To express appreciation for all the hard work our team put in this year, we wanted to do something extra special.

Concluding our food drive

Our day started with the most fulfilling activity, giving back to our local community.

We felt there was no time like the present to make a difference in our local community: Toronto.

As some of you know, we collected non-perishable food items and monetary donations for the Daily Bread Food Bank. We feel that this holiday season should be all about togetherness and our team took great joy in coming together to do our part in helping families get the food they need.

We held a computer auction alongside the food drive to make an even greater impact. The proceeds from auctioning off office computers were all donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank. All in all, we raised just over $1,000.00!

It excited us all about how to continue our philanthropy efforts in 2023.

The year-end office dinner

The next stop was dinner at Woods Restaurant, located down the street from the office. We were joined by Patrick Shoenemann, our Managing Director of Global Services from Munich, Germany.

Woods Restaurant is rustic-chic, with exposed brick walls and an inviting atmosphere. The PowerHub team enjoyed a variety of Canadian dishes made with local ingredients.

During dinner, we had a special surprise for the team!

Local sketch artist Lauri Lewis was creating digital caricatures of each of our team members and a group photo.

PowerHub 2022 team drawing by Toronto sketch artist Lauri Lewis.

Each staff member received their personalized caricature digitally, ready to print and show off to family and friends.

After the sketches, we had one more surprise for the team.

An awards ceremony

Each person received a certificate for their efforts. The certificates were either for what the team member was best known for over the last year, with some more humorous than others, or in recognition of what they achieved in the last year or how they contributed to the success of PowerHub in 2022.

The award ceremony was our chance to show our genuine appreciation for the team members who went above and beyond. It was also great for team morale to reminisce about all that we’ve been able to achieve together.

Looking back and forward to 2023

In December, it’s always a good idea to reflect on the year and see what we can learn from and be inspired by going into January.

2022 was a year with many firsts and majors.

Our team had a lot of changes to deal with, and we commend them for taking each one in stride. We hired great talent who, from day one, we’re focused on helping PowerHub realize our goals.

It was a tremendous accomplishment to launch a major new software platform that our clients love.

Going into the holiday season, we’re grateful to have so much to celebrate!

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