More assets are coming: Canada unveils clean energy investment tax credit of up to 40 percent!

New tax credits for investments made towards clean energy technology, proposed by Ottawa in its fall economic statement, are slated to have a massive impact on the industry.

solar projects

Portugal Auctions Record Lowest Prices for Solar Projects

As auctions closed in Portugal for newly planned solar projects, renewable energy prices hit a record low. Authorities revealed that successful bidding strategies have driven down costs to $0.01316/ kWh for a 7...

asset management for solar energy

5 Ways Data Optimizes Asset Management for Solar Energy

There’s a future where solar energy is an option. And there’s a future where reliable and consistent solar power is a looming possibility. The difference in both? The use of data and insights that optimize asse...

Solar PV risk management checklist

Solar PV Risk Management Best Practices Checklist

Solar PV risk management is, no doubt, one of the biggest goals an asset manager works towards. With everyday tasks and responsibilities, a smart renewable assets manager aims to make projects and portfolios re...