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When brainstorming how to increase uptake in the renewable energy movement, finding ways to show the potential of green solutions is paramount.

Being able to showcase innovative products with interactive exhibits is a great way to get people excited and talking about the industry’s potential. A product that recently caught our attention was kinetic tiles.

What are kinetic tiles?

Kinetic tiles are designed to create lasting impressions from fun interactions. The tiles capture the power of kinetic energy from human movement and can generate electricity.

Kinetic energy tiles can be made from recycled materials and are modular. They combine to create kinetic energy floors ready to harness visitors’ power to walk, run, jump and dance. The tiles can also be customized with various plug-ins for engaging and informative displays.

How do energy floors work?

Kinetic energy floors are a medium for people to walk, dance or jump across and generate electricity. Each tile has a built-in generator that is activated by human movement. As power is generated, it is temporarily stored in a supercapacitor. The capacitor functions like a battery, which is used to power the lighting within each tile.

How can kinetic tiles be customized?

As people dance, jump and walk across the tiles, they light up. The floors can be hooked up to energy dashboards displaying how much energy is generated. LED lights being powered by the energy created can also be programmed to change colour depending on the intensity on the kinetic floor.

At a workplace or conference, kinetic floors could be used to fuel technology power stations.

Schools or community centers could use the floors to power Wi-Fi hot spots or indoor gardening set-ups.

At an event venue, kinetic floors can be combined with other features like photo booths or dance-battle games to encourage interest in the installation.

The options are limitless.

What’s the most powerful thing about kinetic tiles?

Kinetic tiles can be used to empower interaction and generate sustainability awareness. There are so many great venues for people to interact with kinetic floors, such as the lobby of workplaces or event venues, in schools, at trade shows, clubs, fairs, shopping malls, and conferences.

Anywhere crowds flock, kinetic tiles could follow to turn their steps into renewable energy and raise awareness and excitement about the green movement.

Creating positive and memorable experiences can go a long way. There’s definitely no shortage of creativity in the renewable energy industry, and we do not doubt that we’ll continue to see new interactive ways to boost sustainability awareness.

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