Frequently Asked Questions

What is PowerHub?

PowerHub is the most powerful asset intelligence management software for your renewable energy business. The PowerHub platform is a flexible tool that is readily configurable to your unique business needs. Built on the most rigorous architecture, inspired by global best practices, and backed by the best SaaS team out there, you can design, track and grow the way you want, when you want. It’s your assets, your way.

Who is PowerHub for?

PowerHub has a variety of features to help asset managers, owners, investors, O&M providers and others working with renewable assets. We’re experts at organizing all of these stakeholders on our platform, to make planning, development and operations more cohesive, efficient and effective.

How can PowerHub improve my asset management?

Freedom from spreadsheets! Our team is working diligently to provide a tool which eliminates the dependency of our clients on spreadsheets. Some of PowerHub’s many benefits include: A centralized access point to relevant data; easy tracking and reporting on operational KPIs; a fully automated and robust invoicing tool; and much more. Read more about PowerHub's built-in tools in the Product > Features section.

What is asset intelligence?

Asset intelligence means understanding your data, its limitations, its context and its location, then framing it so you can put it to use for business decision making. Asset intelligence is less about how much you keep in your head, and more about the strategies you use to find and manage information when you need it.

What is the on-boarding process for new customers?

The PowerHub platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of every client. Our team of Customer Success leads and specialists work directly with you to introduce you to our platform, determine what your needs are, and design an on-boarding process from there.

How can I import my existing data into powerhub?

There are several ways to input existing data into PowerHub—it can be as easy as pasting information into an existing template on our platform, or as customizable as working with our Customer Success team to design new solutions during the on-boarding process.

Who can access my data?

The administrator(s) of your PowerHub account decide who gets differing access levels to information residing in the platform. Each member of your organization will be granted a level of access and interaction to the various components of PowerHub separately, based on their function or role within the organization. Access to specific items such as documents, reports, tasks and more can be further restricted using security tags.

My DAS provider is no longer in business—what do I do?

We all know that from time to time, things change with our supply base. If you are experiencing any planned (or unplanned) changes with your DAS provider and are concerned with the continuity of your data feed to PowerHub, just reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Specialist and they will work with you to ensure your data keeps flowing.

How many PowerHub accounts is my organization allowed to give members and stakeholders?

We don’t limit the number of people that you can invite to your organization’s PowerHub platform, or charge you more after you invite a certain number. Our aim is to give better tools to everyone who interacts with your renewable assets.

Can technicians and operators use PowerHub in the field?

Yes! The PowerHub platform is tablet friendly—all you need to use Lithium is a web browser and an internet connection. Additionally, as an administrator, you can grant these different members varying access to see/edit necessary sections of the platform.

How can I book a demo, ask questions or find out more?

No matter what you need, our team is just an email away:

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