Do you sometimes wonder ‘how important is it to have real insights about your projects and portfolios?’

As an asset manager, there’s just so much to keep tabs on, record, and analyze. So, where do you start for competitive renewable energy asset management?

We get it. Asset managers and executives often face the ‘too much data, and too little information’ quandary. And this makes getting valuable insights a cumbersome process. However, without the right information, the equation to manage millions of dollars’ worth of assets efficiently is incomplete. 

Thanks to the latest advances in renewable energy asset management technology, we believe day-to-day asset management tasks need not be hard, much less daunting.

With the help of a dedicated platform, and robust integrations, you can easily be ‘in the know’ with automated updates about your renewable energy assets.

Portfolio Documents and Data Management

The phrase,with complexity comes the need for better asset management’, is thrown around in renewables quite a lot. And well, truth be told – it forms the basis of every discussion on data management.

With growing portfolio sizes, cross-jurisdictional plants, and virtual energy trading – the need for managing documents and data has never been more profound. Accessing portfolio level numbers in a central database can not only help you be ‘in the know’, it turns decision making into a quick and informed process.

In particular, a powerful solar or wind asset management platform stores information about land leases. On a simple interface, your team can manage expiration of these leases, automate invoicing for landowners, and honor any commitments made to them.

We talk in detail about renewable land lease management on the PowerHub blog.

Inventory and Spare Part Scheduling

The importance of strategic inventory and spare part scheduling comes up with every discussion on project streamlining, profitability, and scalability of renewable assets.

As an asset manager, you can vouch for the amount of time, resources, and yes – money – you would save if all your inventory was classified by lead time, tagged and scheduled in line with maintenance runs.

Those recalled inverters you need replaced? No need to go about finding their registration numbers in hefty files. Your renewable energy asset management software will keep you informed about all inventory and spare parts with a few simple clicks.

Dive deeper into the four essential aspects of spare part management for renewables here.

Upcoming Project Compliance

Compliance often scares asset managers. They feel it’s hard, and requires consistent upkeep. When talking about compliance management in renewables, it’s quite easy to see that as an industry, we’ve overcomplicated this subject.

Renewable energy asset management software centralizes all compliance and contractual obligations for you. Instead of rummaging through hard-to-keep-up-with contracts, simply automate these deliverables ahead of time to avoid undue fees and penalties.

With the theme of simplification in mind, we’ve put together a handy checklist for you to ensure important obligations and contracts are upheld, even through the cumbersome handover process for solar plants.

Take a quick peek, and share it with your teams!

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