June 15, 2021

Welcoming the World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Production in Brazil

by PowerHub Editor

Got $5.4 billion to spare? You’ll end up with the world’s biggest green hydrogen production plant. Recently unveiled by Enegix, an Australian energy company, in collaboration with the government of Ceara, Brazil.

This facility, called Base One, will produce 600 million kgs of green hydrogen per year. Therefore, eliminating 10 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere annually. The company has contracted 3.4GW of offshore solar and wind energy to power green hydrogen production. Base One is projected to take 3-4 years to complete construction, becoming operational in 2025.

This ambitious project is a giant leap towards decarbonization. With successful electrolysis from the water of Port Pecem, Enegix aims to transport liquid green hydrogen to major international markets via sea cargos.

Green Hydrogen Production Spikes in Global Energy Markets

While the Base One project may be the biggest in the world, it’s certainly not the only one. Green hydrogen production and uses have seen a definite spike around the world.

A few honorable mentions are worth a study. Portugal, for instance, is setting up eight projects worth 10 billion euros for green hydrogen production. These are scheduled to become operational by 2022.

The world’s first-ever steel plant powered by green hydrogen, the H2 Green Steel project, is in the works in Sweden. Moreover, the EU has also adopted renewable hydrogen as part of its 2050 Roadmap. It’s planning to add 6GW of hydrogen electrolyzers in the first phase till 2024.

Similarly, Chile has released a National Green Hydrogen strategy. And as part of it, the country will commission a $45mn pilot plant that will produce 130,000 liters of e-fuels per year. Another ambitious project scheduled for 2025 is the smart city of Neom in Saudi Arabia.

The US industrial giant, Air Products and Chemicals, plans to build a $ 5 billion green hydrogen plant within the smart city for an estimated gas production of 650 tons.

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