March 12, 2020

The Climate Politics of 2020

by powerhubadmin

Significant climate change has been promised for the year 2020 and beyond. From slashing greenhouse gases in New York City to backing the Mission to End Emissions in Toronto – the end of the hottest decade finally seems to have woken up some of the biggest economies from a deep slumber, fueled by non-renewable motifs.

Renewable energy advocates are now remembering 2019 as the year with the most rampant climate emergency declarations around the globe. According to Climate Mobilization, the January to December 2019 period saw a steep rise in the number of declarations, from 233 to 1,288 – coming from nations including UK, Canada, Scotland, Bangladesh, Wales – and cities like New York, Austin and Miami.

While these declarations are mostly symbolic in nature, they set a precedent for concrete and measurable actions to be taken on the path of sustainable and mindful processes. The same has also become a top mandate on the long list of promises made by US presidential candidates as they hit campaign trails for the upcoming elections.

Regardless of whether you praise ‘em or shame ‘em – we do hope the 2020 climate politics debate will be neck to neck with other pressing issues in the global economy.

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