July 30, 2020

Solar Assets Handover – Mission Critical for Energy Asset Management Companies

by James Pagonis

Renewables asset management is a distinct discipline. Not only do we deal with billions of dollars’ worth of assets, there’s an often-cumbersome handover process involved. A mission critical for energy asset management companies that is vital for the smooth operations of a solar energy plant.

Handover is, perhaps, one of the most crucial phases in solar asset management. Simply put, at this point, solar PV assets aren’t the developer’s problem anymore.  They’re now under the guardianship of energy asset management companies.

What makes this change of hands so important? The fact that an asset manager needs comprehensive understanding of every document and contract related to the plant and its stakeholders.

In other words, the solar asset manager taking over the assets needs to go through a detailed onboarding review. Doing so helps him understand asset health and history. 

Energy asset management companies are in a position to make critical decisions about the project once this handover is completed. It wouldn’t be incorrect if I called the onboarding process a cornerstone service in solar asset management.

As with other aspects of managing renewable assets, there’s a way to make the handover process seamless. With the use of a smart solar asset management platform.

Such software becomes a central repository for all documentation and compliance obligations. Consequently, boosting transparency, and easing the job of creating and delegating tasks.

Solar Assets Handover Checklist

What tangible and intangible resources will you receive as a manager with an energy asset management company?

While attending Solar Asset Management EU last year, I started jotting down some of the most important resources that are traded in the handover process. I figured a handy checklist will be great help; since every project has its own nuances.

Bookmark it, print it out, frame it, hang it in your office, revise it in the shower – whatever works for ya, asset manager!

Solar Assets Handover Checklist

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