September 09, 2021

Software Adoption for Renewable Energy – The Dos and Don’ts

by PowerHub Editor

When we say software adoption for renewable energy, what comes to your mind? No doubt, you think of digital uploads, creating automated workflows, and learning a new program. While these are all correct answers, the most important thing to remember is that it’s people that are needed to to bringing about digital transformation to your asset management processes. The best software ever created will simply flop without the team buy-in.  

As owners and executives implementing change, a stress-free adoption plan needs to put the human experience of this change above and beyond the technicals. Just like you’d put your external customers at the center of any marketing plan, thinking of software adoption from your teams’ perspective can really help move past hurdles smoothly.  

While it may feed the bottom line to introduce a new software for renewable energy and make it mandatory from the get-go, such a sudden change can disrupt the working environment. And worse, build resentment in your people.  

So, how should you really go about software adoption for renewable energy?  

The Dos – Here’s What You Should Focus On  

  1. Do Introduce in Phases  

Changing everything about how someone works can be very disruptive. Oftent times it is best introduced in phases. Try to space out the announcement of adopting a software, the trainings sessions, and then the final implementation. Doing so gives ample time to your asset management teams to accept the change, minimize fear, understand the new ways, and make the tool part of their everyday working.  

Taking time at this point can really help avoid hiccups later.  

  1. Do Take Employee Reactions Into Account  

Remember when we said there’s a human side to all this? Well, it comes out in the form of your teams’ feelings and reactions to this change. Yes, it may not always be positive. But yes, it is still important. People will think their job is at risk, don’t ignore this address it head-on.  

Make sure you encourage them to express how they feel, what they fear, and what all will help. These insights will help you communicate with them better, improve the software adoption process, and eventually, win them over.  

  1. Do Recruit Leadership  

Find a champion! Someone who loves to try new things and lives in changes, get them to try then to share their successes. You must recruit leadership to hold the baton.  

This leadership can come from within or outside. If change management can be done by existing leaders and identifiable early adopters, put them in a team. Or if need be, and resources allow, open a new role for this crucial project.  

  1. Do Develop the Right Skills  

Developing your asset management teams’ skills may sound basic, but it’s crucial. Now that you’ve put together a plan to initiate software adoption for renewable energy projects, you will need to upgrade your team’s understanding and capabilities. Remember somepeople don’t pick up new software as fast as others.  

Therefore, training to understand and use the software is another important ‘Do’ on your list. Hold informal lunch & learns as well as casual Q&A sessions at work so employees get ample of opportunities to ask questions and learn how to use the digital platform. Make it easy for people to find the support and help they need to be successful. 

The Don’ts – What You Should Stay Clear Of  

  1. Don’t Begin Without a Plan 

Planning. Planning. Planning. You cannot do enough of it when it comes to software adoption for renewables. Many a times, organizations jump straight to training and onboarding instead of first making their intentions clear and assessing employee reactions to change. Well, they’re excited to see efficiencies from digital transformations.  

But really, as renewable energy software experts, take it from us – spending time in the planning stage is one of the biggest pillars of successful and stress-free software adoption for renewable energy. (insert link) 

  1. Don’t Forget to Focus on Onboarding  

Integrating data, digitizing files, setting up accounts and profiles is an important step in the process, but it is not onboarding. Onboarding is getting the team comfortable using the software to do their jobs. Great software products know this, it should either have this in place or be there to help you with onboarding.   

  1. Don’t Forget to Track & Analyze 

Successful software adoption for renewables is all about making sure teams are utilizing the software to its full capabilities. Don’t forget to put in place metrics for usage and the way the platform is impacting efficiencies, time taken to complete tasks, and overall team happiness. Celebrate the successes and you will see adoption improve.   

  1. Don’t Assume They Will Understand  

Making your intentions clear is crucial to a smooth software onboarding. Even though it may be obvious that a digital platform will spike efficiencies and reduce time spent in mundane tasks, we urge you to spend time making your employees understand the reason for this change.  

Use numbers, case studies, or examples of industry leaders who’ve reaped these benefits. Bring everyone onboard and on the same page. Once you feel they understand, lead and see them follow you.  

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