April 09, 2020

Say Hi to Your Next Solar Vacation – The Bahamas

by powerhubadmin

The Bahamas are set to change their identity in the world for good. 2020 onwards, they won’t just be known for acres of white sandy beaches, a god-sent strip of 700 picturesque islands and well, Cat-5 hurricanes. The islands will now be recognized for the first-of-its-kind reconstructed, post- hurricane solar electricity grid.

Ragged Island, a small, hilly retreat in the Bahamas is now home to the first of many, hurricane-proof solar microgrids. Unlike traditional setups, this grid has been installed low into the ground, helping it withstand up to 180 miles per hour winds. The microgrid is set to provide energy for the island’s 100 residents.

Where does a small island get the money to invest in renewable energy assets, you ask? Well, the Bahamas collectively spend $400 million a year to import diesel from the US. This import has always been a staple in its trade to access electricity for citizens and the thousands of tourists that land on these heavenly islands year after year.

Considering the massive expenditure on fossil fuel, this investment in clean power sounds pretty sustainable. Moreover, with solar costs plummeting and ROIs skyrocketing, it’s only a matter of time till this initiative becomes a precedent for many such projects to follow.

Aiming to source 30% power from renewable means by 2030, the Bahamian Prime Minister calls this ‘laboratory for a solar future’ an example for the world. Definitely a commendable feat.

Amidst gusty winds and large-than-life currents, renewables are finding a way to help humanity find their way to sustainable, cleaner energy.

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