October 07, 2020

How Can Solar Management Software Help You Scale?

by PowerHub Editor

Despite global disruptions, utility-scale solar has played a monumental role in lighting up our world this past year. With much speculation about economic recoveries, the onus to lead the way seems to be on renewables once again.

A recent US Solar Market Insight report by Wood Mackenzie yielded some interesting findings. The United States added 18 GWs of solar power capacity this year. Moreover, in China, solar was the only industry to experience a 12% growth in 2020.

As global demand climbs, are solar asset owners and managers equipped with digital tools? When scalability has become a priority, are they using solar management software to induce efficiencies? Let’s find out.

Two Ways to Scale Projects with Solar Management Software

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that digitalizing the solar industry has not kept pace with the rise in its demand. Where the industry itself is entering maturity, its managements’ perceptions about digitalization are still in infancy. As a result, even today, large scale projects are set up with legacy tools that merely get the job done, if even that.

A ton of software myths surround solar asset management. As we talk about scalability, and the way solar management software helps with this goal, we hope to motivate asset executives.

So they can challenge rudimentary ways of managing billions of dollars’ worth of assets. So they develop a long-term outlook. And finally, instill resilience in an industry that is criticized for being ‘intermittent’.

Well, now that we’re all pumped up, let’s take a look at two crucial ways solar management software helps scale projects.

scaling projects with solar management software

Cross Functional Collaboration

Staying competitive in solar PV management means your teams need the right information, at the right time. As portfolio sizes and markets expand, collaboration between stakeholders has become an essential KPI of success.

An intelligent solar management software breeds collaboration by creating coordinated workflows. It helps create, delegate, and check tasks all within the same application.

Moreover, such a platform aids solar asset management professionals to upload and share information. The result? Informed and timely decision making.

Information and Data Aggregation

As an asset executive, can you imagine scaling your plants knowing you may not have access to every bit of information about them? That’s a scary thought. Worse than finding out the weather may be cloudy for the rest of the month!

Data aggregation is particularly important when an asset manager wants to dig deeper into solar project failures. Why did financial solar asset management miss the mark? Why were maintenance KPIs off the chart?

To understand these impacts, solar management software aggregates various project-level data to give a holistic picture of a portfolio. Doing so helps identify correlations, make revenue estimates, and find trends in asset downtime.

It’s literally the founding pillar of successful solar project management.

Are You Prepared to Scale?

With growth in solar asset management comes the difficult question of control. No doubt, scalability means taking solar projects across borders and jurisdictions. And this translates into long communication lines.

At PowerHub, we talk plenty about being efficient with solar management software. And we then follow it with an important disclaimer.

The leap to digitalization is a journey. And this journey is fulfilling if you have helpful software partners at every step.

So, are you ready for your projects to scale? To add megawatt capacities to solar portfolios? Having smart solar management software in place is the best way to find out.

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