March 13, 2019


by powerhubadmin

Imagine this: you don’t have to manually create and send out your invoices every month.  You’re saved hours or even days of data entry.  You’ve got so much time that you take up new hobbies.  You learn a new language, start playing an instrument, even *gasp* start buying or managing new renewable projects.  What a world.


Invoicing’s no sweat if you only have a few projects, but it’s complicated and time consuming for larger portfolios. Doing this manually, month after month, is a waste of your team’s time. Automation can help.



This isn’t just a pleasant dream, it’s a reality for PowerHub users. We automate your monthly invoicing, to help make you and your team more efficient.  You can create and send out invoices without ever clicking a button.  In PowerHub, create pre-established thresholds that trigger the invoices, and at the end of the month, you’ll receive a report that tells you which invoices need review. Work smarter, not harder.

Want to learn more about PowerHub’s platform?  Check out our Feature of the Month video series.

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