June 30, 2021

Asset Management Software Adoption Checklist – Getting Them All Over the Fence

by James Pagonis

As we’ve mentioned previously in our renewable energy software adoption series, getting buy-in and onboarding is an integral part of successful asset management software adoption. Not only does it ensure optimal usage of the platform, it also helps move past the mental hurdle employees may have to ‘change’.

Therefore, when you’re thinking about onboarding & training, do lay a formal plan in place. Simply scheduling some educational sessions and expecting your employees to show up won’t be enough. To ease them into adopting the asset management software, productive and interactive communication sessions must check off a series of boxes.

Asset Management Software Adoption Checklist

It’s important to have all your teams and management levels on the same page when you decide to adopt a software. We suggest prioritizing the communication of the intent and adoption plan to your teams.

Clear communication helps getting them over the fence, and making change management less of a burden.

Here’s a handy checklist that can help you do just that.

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