September 03, 2019

All About BayWa r.e. and PowerHub.

by Etienne Lecompte

This week’s been a big one for us here at PowerHub, and we wanted to take a minute to share, in our own words, how excited we are for the future, and to answer a few questions regarding our recent acquisition. This means great things for PowerHub as a company, and for our users.  Why? Because, with BayWa r.e.’s help, we’ll be able to deliver the updates and new features we’ve been dying to give you sooner.

Meet BayWa r.e.

Across solar and wind, BayWa r.e. is r.e.-thinking energy – how it is produced, stored and best used. They’re a leading global developer, service supplier, wholesaler, and energy solutions provider.

They’re active worldwide, and have brought over 2.5 GW of energy online, while managing over 7 GW of assets. BayWa r.e. is a leading supplier to the solar wholesale market. They also have a rapidly growing energy trading business. They’re part of the €16 billion BayWa Group.

What was the previous relationship between BayWa r.e. and PowerHub?

BayWa r.e. was, and still is, a PowerHub customer.  In fact, you can read about the origin of our relationship with BayWa r.e. here. We’ve worked together at the forefront of renewable energy, and have been exploring ways to leverage our respective customer bases to increase sales. Formalizing what was already a strong relationship was the natural next step.

Why now?

Because BayWa r.e. has the know-how, resources and vision to accelerate PowerHub’s growth. And because this transaction unites BayWa r.e.’s industry-leading services business with PowerHub’s software business, allowing us to leverage both businesses and provide a more complete suite of solutions to the marketplace.

BayWa r.e. globally manages 7GW+ of installed PV and Wind capacity for customers in more than 20 countries. This vast experience is going to be leveraged by PowerHub to further improve our product.

What is going to change?

Our Team: As a company, it means we have the resources and support we need to grow our team.  That’s right, grow, not change. One of our strongest assets is the awesome team of 45 we’ve put together over the years, and BayWa r.e. recognizes this. Your points of contact will be the same.

Our Growth Trajectory: With BayWa r.e. in our corner, we’re better empowered to grow.

Want to read our press release? You can find it here.

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