January 12, 2017


by Etienne Lecompte

2017 is upon us and it is time to review some of the various asset management trends we think will have an impact in 2017, and could help make it your most productive yet.

1. Master Your Data  

It’s no secret that your assets generate ton of data: financial, performance, tasks, etc. This information often resides in different places making it less than useful.  As our world is becoming more data driven, it is time to look at the data that these tools hold, break it down and use it for decision making.

With PowerHub, we take the pains out of data mining by providing you with easy to read customized reports so you can see exactly what you need to know without having to crunch hard numbers from multiples sources. Create reports that are specific to your needs and automate them so you aren’t spending precious time and energy doing repetitive tasks.

2. Start Your Day with Priorities Not Emails  

Instead of sifting through your inbox first thing every morning make 2017 the year of prioritizing and managing your tasks. By figuring out how your day will flow it will make you more effective in your work and allow you to know what deadlines are looming first thing. Naturally, PowerHub is here to help you with this. Within the system we have comprehensive Milestones, Tasks and Issues sections that will allow you to create and assign tasks to your team, build reoccurring events and see who on your team needs support. Nothing feels better than shrinking a huge to-do list and we think these tools will do just the trick.

3. Automation 

We don’t think robots are going to take over, but we do believe that automation is a great trend for 2017. Not only will it save you time, it can also ease the pressure of having to perform a repeat function day in day out. By automating the small things such as reports, invoices, baseline calculations and weekly tasks you will free up time to work on the things that really count.

Make sure when you are in PowerHub to check out all of the various ways you can automate your work an be a asset management rockstar in 2017.

4. Security  

Don’t make headlines in 2017 by being the victim of the latest cyber attack and start this year off on the right foot by performing a security checkup on the tools you use. Remove old users, grant and revoke access where necessary and keep on top of what your team is doing. Remember to use tags, the watch icon and the issues folder within the PowerHub system and don’t be afraid to simply watch tasks and keep an eye on your security.  If you have any doubts contact your customer success team to go through a security audit.

5. Collaboration  

No person is an island, so don’t try and go it alone. Our final trend for 2017 is collaboration. While this seems like a simple concept, for some it can be challenging to ask for help or to bring someone new onto a project.

At PowerHub, we make collaboration easy by eliminating various inefficient tools like tracking sheets and spreadsheets. You can easily collaborate with both your team and outside vendors all in one location.  Best of all you have unlimited number of users so feel free to invite all stakeholders to PowerHub.

We hope that you have a fantastic 2017 and that you have found these tips useful.

Not using PowerHub yet? Find out how you can get started today by scheduling a demo with us and learn how we can simplify asset management for you. Have some follow up questions? Contact our customer success team who will walk you though any inquiries you might have.

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