April 01, 2020

11000 Scientists, 800 Million People and 10 years. Welcome To Climate Emergency

by PowerHub Editor

You have 800 million people in countries with a climate emergency. 11000 scientists vouching for global warming. And 10 years to preserve life and save the planet. What do you do? You think green.

Renewable energy has come a long way from being a foreign and unknown topic. Where some call it the solution to all our energy problems, others argue that renewable doesn’t necessarily mean ‘sustainable’ (we’re trying not to name names…).

Well, the odds seem to be in our favor. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, all forms of renewable energy are ‘virtually inexhaustible’. Their research asserts that clean energy is the best way forward to respond to global climate emergency with a reduction in carbon emissions from various walks of life.

Moreover, another study put together by Stanford University talks extensively about the benefits of switching to renewable sources. It goes on to prove that we can eliminate 4-7 million deaths around the world that result from air pollution, by simply using clean power.

Let’s Walk The Talk on Climate Emergencies

With so much uncertainty, fear and doubt stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves thinking about our contributions to this planet, or the lack of them. UN’s environment chief, Inger Andersen, believes we have put too much pressure on Mother Nature’s systems and resources.

Consequently, climate emergency, and the global health catastrophe around us today is ‘nature sending us a message.’ In the same breath, farsighted experts have begun speculating that post COVID-19, our efforts to rebuild should be geared towards greener, more equal economies.

Case in point: the State of New York passed its first ever Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act. The new legislation aims to attract private investment in clean energy, and ultimately reduce financial risk.

Being avid renewable energy supporters, we couldn’t agree more. 

Trust us, it’s really not that hard to at least start thinking clean NOW. Researchers have done all the math for us. If done right, the world can solely rely on renewables by 2050 – not exactly the ten year deadline, but close enough.

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