Time, Capital, and Human Error Savings for Renewables: All Wrapped Up in One Invoicing Solution

PowerHub’s powerful invoicing solution makes working with renewable assets easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. Through centralisation, automation, and other cost and time-saving measures, PowerHub delivers best-in-class results across the board for renewable invoicing.

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PowerHub announces the release of a new version of its software, and the launch of its new website

Powerhub’s latest version is built to drive workflows and automation, and the new website features a refreshed look for a more impactful experience. PowerHub, a Toronto-based company that builds asset manageme...


Latest IPCC report reiterates the importance of strengthening renewable energy mandates

In a damning report released this week by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scientists made clear once more that the world is failing to uphold its responsibility of safeguarding the plan...

Nova Scotia Power Withdraws Proposal for Controversial Solar Fee

Nova Scotia Power Withdraws Proposal for Controversial Solar Fee with Mixed Reactions

In a dramatic reversal, private energy utility Nova Scotia Power (NSP) has withdrawn its proposal to charge solar customers a system access charge of $8 per kilowatt for net metering services. The fee would hav...